Mystery Trail Amsterdam

Hello, welcome to Amsterdam to the Mystery Trail.

You go 15 special people meet in this city. The goal is to track these people down (via GPS). Once you have arrived at the location, you will do the corresponding assignment. By finding the spot and the assignments you can earn points.

You play against each other in small groups, so try to earn as many points as possible and the High Score to grab! Once the assignment has been completed, the Resident disappears from the list. Everything done? Then you go to the last spot, the Finish (orange flag).

Do not forget to turn on the sound and GPS of your smartphone. Even without GPS you can play, just use the ticket. Bee Start & Route find out how to start. Good luck and have fun!
You go first resident search, do the assignment there and then go to the next inhabitant of the city.

You can decide for yourself which inhabitant you will be looking for first. The icons on the map indicate HINTS about the resident, make use of that.

How does it work?
1. Fill in below Team name in to start.
2. Choose a resident you want to search for from the red list
3. Home Search location (button), you see the number of meters you are away from the spot.
4. Locate the resident via the card (GPS tracker)
5. Resident found then the App indicates this (you get 250 bonus points)
6. Doe at the location the order, (even if you have not exactly found the location)
7. Then choose the next resident, etc.
All locations done, then you go to the Finish (orange flag)

Resident found = 250 points
1 star question (easy) = 250 points
2 star question (average) = 300 points
3 star question (difficult) = 350 points

You will succeed, have fun!

ps Sometimes GPS and / or your own Location does not work well in the city (high buildings for example), just use the map.

Tip 1. Spanjer and van Twist

On the route of the Trail on the Leliegracht this nice cafe. In the summer we like to sit on the terrace here. Nice on the water, a bit out of the crowd. Delicious!

Tip 2. Cafe In

A 'must' on the Zeedijk is the café 'In' t Aepjen '. The wooden building from 1519 is one of the oldest buildings in the city and what a nice atmosphere! The expression 'Stayed in the monkey' has its origins in this café, which also provided sleeping space to drunken sailors in the seventeenth century. So do it!

Tip 3. Museum Square

Not on the Trail, but a 'must do' the museum square, with all the famous museums together, the concert hall, the Rijks. you will not get bored here. worth a detour.

Tip 4. Jacob Hooy & co,

On the Kloveniersburgwal 12 this special shop that opened in 1743! Travel back in time to an 18th-century spice shop, including antique wooden barrels with Latin inscriptions and the apothecary cabinets, Nostalgia!

Tip 5. The Torensluis

On the trail, the 17th century Torenbrug is one of the widest bridges in Amsterdam. Originally there was a tower on top of the bridge, which has been demolished, but the contours are still visible. At the time, the tower was 55 meters high and served as a public clock tower and prison. The barred windows and dungeons are still clearly visible. The dungeons have been restored and made accessible to the public. Nice to do.

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