You are ready for the start in Krakow. We have selected nice locations for you in Krakow.

The goal is to find these locations and you will get a question there. Once the question has been answered, it will disappear from the list.

- Start with question 'A'
- You can also determine the order of the questions / locations yourself
- Use the map and plot a logical route
- Are you with multiple teams? Each team determines its own route
- Meet somewhere after (for example) 3 hours with the other teams, for example at the finish
- You can always pause, even if you play with multiple teams
- the answers to most questions can be found at the locations
- Tip! Appoint a Team Leader
- Turn on sound and GPS on your smartphone!

Good luck and have fun!

Tip 1. Vodka Bar

Vodka tasting is best done in the Vodkabar. This small bar with 100 varieties of Vodka has something for everyone. From sweet fruit to savory pepper flavour. Extra tip, Hazelnut, (tastes like Ferrero Rocher, coffee and cucumber!)

Mikołajska 5

Tip 2. Gospodo Koko

You're in Krakow and you want to eat good traditional Polish food. Then don't stay in the touristic areas. One downtown restaurant recommended by locals is Gospodo koko in the old town.

Golebia 8

Tip 3. Wawel castle

Wawel Castle is where it all started for the city of Krakow. More than 1000 years ago a castle appeared on a hill. Very nice to visit.

Wawel 5

Tip 4. Street art Goes

While wandering through Goes, you come across many murals, especially on flats in the suburbs but also in the center. Like this fierce looking Neptune. The mural (2015) was made by the Tilburger Robin Nas, aka Zenk On.

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