You are ready for the start in Den Bosch. We have selected nice locations for you in Den Bosch.

The goal is to find these locations and you will get a question there. Once the question has been answered, it will disappear from the list.

- Start with question 'A'
- You must determine the order of the questions / locations yourself
- Use the map and plot a logical route
- Are you with more teams? Each team determines its own route
- Make an appointment with the other teams after (for example) 3 hours
- You can always pause, even if you play with more teams
- the answers to most questions can be found at the locations
- Tip! Appoint a Team Leader
- Turn on sound and GPS on your smartphone!

Good luck and have fun!

Tip 1. Boat trip Binnendieze

A must to do. This whisper boat trip on the Dieze is unique in the Netherlands. Half open under buildings then the open air. Den Bosch in a unique way, just do it!

Tip 2. Eat at Mr. Van Puffelen's

At Mr Van Puffelen you can enjoy the departing and mooring boats of the cruise on the Binnendieze at Lunch & Dinner Café. Always fun, always well priced! Take advantage of a 20% discount on everything every Tuesday to Thursday!

Tip 3. Cafe Het Veulen

Located on the Trail and in the center of Den Bosch this Tapperij. There is a large amount of snacks for large and small appetites. Nice beer list, a great chat after the Trail.

Tip 4. North Brabant Museum

Perhaps the best museum in Brabant. Big names, famous works in a beautiful environment. If art and culture is definitely your thing.

Tip 5. Bastionder

Free and fun, see the waterline, the martial art, Angry Griet and enjoy the beautiful view and the park-like environment. Limited opening hours Thu-Sun from 11 am-00pm, but free!

Do you like Qula? Then we have a surprise. We give you and your fellow players a discount. Then you can play Qula in another city for only €18,75.

Tip! also nice as a staff outing.
number of discount codes: 1 (max 6)
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