You are ready for the start in Alkmaar. We have selected nice locations for you in Alkmaar.

The goal is to find these locations and you will get a question there. Once the question has been answered, it will disappear from the list.

- Start with question 'A'
- You must determine the order of the questions / locations yourself
- Use the map and plot a logical route
- Are you with more teams? Each team determines its own route
- After 3 hours, for example, meet somewhere with the other teams
- You can always pause, even when playing with more teams
- the answers to most questions can be found at the locations
- Tip! Appoint a Team Leader
- Turn on sound and GPS on your smartphone!

Good luck and have fun!

Tip 1. Courtyard of Sonoy

The turret at this Hofje is freely accessible. Upstairs you have a beautiful view over Alkmaar!

Court of Sonoy 1

Tip 2. Public Library

The Public Library is right in the center, next to the Grote Kerk. You can make free use of WiFi, cheap food and drinks and go to the toilet.

Gasthuisstraat 2

Tip 3. Beer Museum tasting room

In a beautiful spot on the canal is perhaps the cosiest café in Alkmaar. Have a look or a drink.

Wood lift 1

Tip 4. Burgers and stuff

Eating out after a Qula is not cheap, but with 'Burgers and stuff' this is not so bad. Burgers and so is nicer than a snack bar, but is not a restaurant either. They have a nice terrace and they specialize in burgers.

Horse market 5

Do you like Qula? Then we have a surprise. We give you and your fellow players a discount. Then you can play Qula in another city for only €18,75.

Tip! also nice as a staff outing.
number of discount codes: 1 (max 6)
to this address we will send your discount code
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